About TJ

IMG_0934I’m Steph, and currently spend my time living between Bristol and Albufeira.  Since I finished work as a secondary school teacher five years ago I have been on a journey of self discovery.  This has taken me down many different paths, some that have been dead ends and some that have led on to amazing adventures.

My main priority in life is maintaining my mental health, be that through diet, exercise, alternative therapies or faith.  I am keen to investigate everything and learn all I can about how to live my fullest life, living from the heart and increasingly caring less about should.  I am incredibly fortunate to have time available to spend researching and implementing different approaches, rather than resorting to a one size fits all allopathic approach to mental health.  It’s a bit up and down, but finally I am starting to experience those highs and lows, rather than live life in the middle.

I am also an emissary for the Heart Math Institute and a qualified EFT practitioner.