What if there is no plan?

I used to think that my lack of a plan was some kind of failing. Or that it was some kind of self defence mechanism.  If I didn’t have a plan I couldn’t fail and I would never be disappointed. 

Lent 2022

What I am learning about giving things up is it comes with a raft of questions surrounding the behaviour in the first place.  Why did I feel the need to eat chocolate and cake every day?  What need was it fulfilling?

It’s not OK, I’m not ‘just fit’

 Is that generally what people think – that fitter people are just fit?  Do they not realise the level of effort involved in being ‘just fit’?  Do they not understand the choices that fit people make on a daily basis?  There is no fit person I know that is ‘just fit’. I can’t imagine that there are many people who are.


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